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RATtrap, an elegant, zero-configuration,

auto-updating, smart-firewall for the home user.

What is it?

RATtrap is a Plug and play hardware network defense product, it protects unlimited number devices after your Wi-Fi router. 

RATtrap stops malicious attacking, blocks abnormal connection, eliminates advertisement, and ceases connection to unsafe website, and is able to track attack source,

trace abnormal flow, and even increase your bandwidth.

How it Works?

How it Works?

Simply connect RATtrap between your modem and router then plug in the power cord and you're all set.

All your devices will then be instantly and continuously protected from hackers.

As RATtrap quietly functions 24/7 and automatically blocks hackers attempts to get into your home, computers, laptops, tablets and phones. You can see real-time notifications about blocked attacks and learn about the health of your home network through the mobile apps and web dashboard.

How to Set Up?

Complete suite of IoT Solutions and IoT Security Controls


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